I’ve finally started working on a dream project of mine after years and years of thinking about it and chasing concepts. I fell in love with the concept I am currently working on after finishing my #100DaysOfInkedAstronomy project on instagram last year, I looked at all the constellations I had illustrated and felt like I needed to make a deck from them. So how come it has taken me over a year to start? Well I loved the concept but didn’t love the original aesthetic of black and white ink. I’ve unknowingly been experimenting with different art mediums over the last year to find what I like and while I was experimenting with some watercolour, it just felt like it all clicked into place and the first draft cards of The Celestial Spirit Oracle were born!

This deck connects us to all the constellations. All the starry guardians that watch over us, so that we may communicate with them and receive guidance. There are many lessons written for us in the stars, it’s time we all start looking up more to connect with these wise spirits.

The Celestial Spirit Oracle will be standard tarot size and have 88 cards, one for each constellation in the night sky. Each card will show a depiction of a certain constellation with its name and description written underneath. I plan on writing a booklet of card definitions and spreads to accompany the deck in PDF form, I’m also hoping to source some cloth drawstring bags to house the deck.

As I write this there are now eight cards (which I will be showcasing on my instagram later today!), so there are still 80 cards left to design, plus a booklet to write, and a printer to source. It’s still a little while off before this deck will be available to purchase for yourselves, but I will be doing some research into crowdfunding the deck or opening it up to pre-orders so that the initial costs of getting it produced are covered! Of course I will keep you all updated on here and on my twitter/instagram. Once I have a better idea as to when I can release it and what price it will be, you will all be the first to know!

I hope you’re all excited as I am to see how this deck develops!


Today I wanted to share my current favourite tarot spread with you all! This is a spread designed to help you communicate with a menagerie of beings, from deities and angels, to spirit guides and even the universe! A great thing about this spread is that you can do it as little or often as you like, if you want to check in daily with your spiritual team for guidance then it’s perfect, but it’s equally perfect as a way to seek guidance from your guardian angels every now and again.

So lets move onto the spread! This is a three card reading and you can use any deck you like, even digital ones like phone apps work! What I like to do is ask whoever I’m trying to contact to communicate with me through the deck, then I begin shuffling while thinking of my questions. Once it “feels” right I stop, cut the deck and draw three cards.




I’ve put “my guides” in quotation marks as a marker that you can replace this bit with whatever fits for you, it could be your angels or the name of a deity you work with! What I love about tarot spreads is that they are pretty damn versatile, once you find a particular one that resonates with you it can be chopped and changed in any way to fit your intention or question!

Research into a pop-pantheon or pop culture-pantheon! Once you identify some popular culture characters or historical figures you idolise, you can ever communicate with them on relevant matters! Getting art advice from Frida Kahlo, heck yes!

I use this spread all the time and find it really comforting and helpful, so I would love if you would try it out and let me know how it goes for you!

I found this spread online a long time ago but can’t find the source right now, so if you’re the creator please let me know so I can credit you!

Affirmations are a relatively new edition to my spiritual practice but have already proven to be fun and very helpful! Essentially an affirmation is a short sentence that you repeat over and over until you start truly believing it. They can motivate and inspire you depending on the affirmation you use, and through the power of the subconscious mind these short powerful sentences begin to affect our habits, behaviours and more! The fun comes from the creativity behind it, of course you can google “Affirmations for blah blah” but I find it really fun to come up with my own affirmations as they then feel more personal. I encourage you to come up with a few affirmations for yourself if this resonates with you, but if not or you would like a starting point, then I have decided to share three affirmations that I use throughout my day to help me in specific situations!


Sometimes we just need an extra boost of confidence and I find this affirmation helps me feel confident and to trust myself. I struggle a lot with confidence and self-belief so this one has been super helpful, especially in stressful situations!


This one is great for when I’m feeling sad, lonely and just generally poopy. Repeating this over and over makes my mind think about all the people in my life who support me with their love, which then makes me feel grateful for them and that I am able to reach out to them when I need to. It’s not always a magic fix, but I find that it definitely helps!


As a very nervous and shy person I am also prone to becoming stressed easily. This affirmation allows me to almost “step out of myself” for a minute and just become mindful. Sometimes the stresses in life are really silly little things that seem bigger than what they are, this is great for looking at situations through another perspective.

So those are the three affirmations that I use the most throughout my day, I have a few more that I use but they’re either creativity or spirituality related so I’ll talk about them in another post! I hope these were even just a teeny bit helpful or even better, have inspired you to write your own affirmations!